Research & services

Milton Berg Advisors, LLC offers institutional clients — including hedge funds, mutual funds, banks, insurance companies, RIA’s and various other financial services firms — consulting services as well as investment research.

Given Milton Berg’s extensive background on both the buy and sell side, he is able to offer clients a unique perspective.

Until now, Milton has kept his research proprietary and offered it exclusively to his colleagues at the hedge funds where he worked. He now intends to shake up Wall Street by offering his analysis and conclusions to select institutional clients through his new firm, Milton Berg Advisors, LLC.

Milton publishes his outlook of the equity markets, the bond markets, commodities, and various other themes. In addition, he develops strategy pieces and presents major investment ideas — highlighting individual stock ideas from time to time.

Milton typically publishes investment research reports three to five times a week, on average. He only puts out publications if he has something timely and interesting to share with clients. In addition to the research publications, Milton is available to answer client questions via phone or email, and also does in-person meetings with clients on an as needed basis.